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Brand Story

「Mrs. So's XO Sauce」

The life of Mrs. So Chau Yim Ping reflects a success story in the business world during the industrial boom in Hong Kong after the Second World War.

Her foresights and entrepreneurial spirit were much respected by her peers. Mrs. So enjoyed the company of friends and was always a gracious and generous hostess. Her dining tables were renowned for its varieties and tastes. She found the xo-sauce available in shops could not meet up to her requirement and therefore, decided to prepare her own xo-sauce with the help of her trusted chef “Fat Kor”. To their great surprise and delight, this homemade xo- sauce was so popular that for many years it became her special gifts to her friends.

In 2009, after a long period of unrelenting persuasions and encouragements from friends and families, a plant was finally set up to produce Mrs. So’s special xo-sauce on a commercial basis. Gradually “ Mrs. So’s XO Sauce” brand of products are introduced to the public.

In the past decade, different traditional sauces were revamped and reintroduced with the objective to make cooking delicious dishes much easier. Mrs. So treasured the time spent with her family at dinning tables. As a working mother she fully understood the stress on her peers to prepare dinners for their families after a hard days’ work. Thus all Mrs. So’s sauces are easy to use and able to achieve best result, so that children and their parents would love to stay home for meals and spend precious time together. Like any conscientious mother, Mrs. So’s was a steadfast follower in healthy- eating, so no additional artificial coloring and preservatives are allowed to be put into her products.

In support of the protection of our environment, patrons are encouraged to taste our sauces at our retail shops before purchase so that they will only buy what they really like. Nothing will therefore be gone wasted.

Cooking demonstrations are regularly held at our shops by our experienced chefs who will explain ways to use our sauces. It is always a good opportunity for robust exchange with customers on experience and culinary skill.

We treasure our brand’s reputation and image. It is our goal to make Mrs. So’s brand of products be synonymous with good taste and healthy eating.

Milestone of Mrs So’s XO Sauce

  • 1) First launch
    In 2009 Mrs. So’s XO sauce was launched in Hong Kong Food Expo. Only medium spicy xo-sauce were available.
  • 2) Expansion of the scope of products
    In 2010 two more levels of spiciness (Original and extremely spicy) were available.
    Sichuan Spicy sauce and Black Bean Chili Sauce were introduced.
    Since then, two new sauces would be launched each year.
  • 3) Expansion of retail outlets
    Retail sale began at the City Super’s chain of supermarkets and gradually extended to SOGO, Marketplace by Jason, Three Sixty, Great, Taste, Fusion, Yata and other delicatessen shops.
  • 4) New logo, new packing and new image
    In 2018 all Mrs. So’s products are reclassified into three basic series, each with its own signature colour for easy recognition:
    The XO Sauce Series (orange colour)
    The Classic Series (blue colour)
    The Vegetarian Series (green colour)