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Crispy Fresh Young Ginger
Hand Made Appetizer
New Shop Opening
Central Market 1/F Shop No. 115
The Legend of a Brand is the Soul of its Products
Its uniqueness lies in its origin and development....
New Sauce Launched stir fry sauce
Easy Cookingfor everyone
Remain the traditional flavor. Enjoy for your cooking
100% made in Hong Kong. Handmade artcraft
100% made in Hong Kong. Reform Traditional Flavor
Classic Sauce Series. Modified from Traditional
100% made in Hong Kong. Varieties Cooking Fun
Vegetarian Sauce Series. Vegetarian diet can be delicious

About Us

The life of Mrs. So Chau Yim Ping reflects a success story in the business world during the industrial boom in Hong Kong after the Second World War. Her foresights and entrepreneurial spirit were much respected by her peers. Mrs. So enjoyed the company of friends and was always a gracious and generous hostess. Her dining tables were renowned for its varieties and tastes. She found the xo-sauce available in shops could not meet up to her requirement and therefore, decided to prepare her own xo-sauce with the help of her trusted chef “Fat Kor”. To their great surprise and delight, this homemade xo- sauce was so popular that for many years it became her special gifts to her friends.