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Mrs. So's Almond Coconut Pudding 1000g

Mrs. So’s Almond Coconut Pudding 1000g $148

In this 2023 Chinese Lunar New year, Mrs. So launches two new Chinese traditional puddings to the public for every food lover to celebrate in this period.One of this is “Apricot kernels Coconut Pudding”. This pudding is made with apricot kernels, coconut milk and especially adding vegetarian butter to make the texture become smoothly and chewing, and the pleasant natural smell will be spreading in your mouth.
Using method: Cut it in a slice and pan fry both side into brown, dish up.
Ingredients: Water, glutinous rice, white sugar, wheat starch, coconut milk, Apricot kernels, Rapeseed oil, Apricot milk, Evaporated milk and vegetarian butter

Shelf life: 30 days from Production day.
Storage method: Please keep it in refrigerator.
every pudding is packed in a vacuum plastic bag, and has an orange isothermal bag to keep the temperature.

Early bird Promotion Offer: – can be spend $138 to purchase this product on or before 3/1/2023, and also enjoy the accumulated quantities discount.

Special discount :

purchase(box) offer
more than 3 boxes 5% off
more than 5 boxes 10% off
more than 6 boxes 20% off

The above discount can be accumulated with the other Chinese cake to count together. Should you have any problems in discount issues, welcome to contact us. (The above discount can not suit for the Cake box set”)

Order Date: now to 16/1/2023(no priorities notice if any changed)
Redemption period: 9/1/2023 – 19/1/2023 can be collected from Mrs. So’s Outlet
Delivery schedule: please checked the delivery guideline

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Mrs. So’s Almond Coconut Pudding 1000g $148

In 2023, which is one of the New Chinese Pudding for everyone to celebrate this grateful period.


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