Mrs. So's Bean Paste Sauce with Orange Peel 190g

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Mrs. So's Bean Paste Sauce with Orange Peel 190g

Bean-paste sauce is a very popular sauce all over China. Different Chinese provinces and villages have their own versions of this sauce, varies not only in its ingredients but also in the method of preparation. The taste will be very different reflecting local taste. Mrs. So had always wanted to prepare her own version which will remind people of the vibrancy of Hong Kong cuisine.

Orange is one of the favorite fruits of most Chinese people. Its fruit and juice are sometime used as an ingredient in Chinese cooking. However fresh orange peel is rarely used and normally discarded as waste. In fact, scientific research has revealed that fresh orange peel is highly nutritious and can be used for medical purposes. By combining orange peel with shiitake mushroom, Chinese ham and other ingredients, Mrs. So succeeded in making a special bean-paste sauce that distinguished itself from others. Simply sprinkle some on a bowl of soup noodles will be a gratifying experience.

Shelf life: Can be store in room temperature for 24 months before opening

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