Mrs. So's Black Pepper Sauce 190g

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Mrs. So's Black Pepper Sauce 190g

Mrs. So's Black Pepper Sauce 190g

The Chinese version of black pepper sauce is an East meet West fusion creation specially popular in the 60’s. Mrs. So’s Black Pepper Sauce elevate this traditional sauce to another level. Sweet vinegar and maltose are added to harmonize the spiciness of the black pepper taste. It is a sauce that one need to try in order to appreciate.

Rapeseed Oil, Shallot, Garlic, Seasoning Paste,Black Pepper, Sweet Vinegar, Soy, Maltose, Sugar, Red Chili Powder, Sesame Oil,White Pepper Powder and Salt

24 months after opening in room temperature
Refrigerated after opening

Stewing or stir frying with meat or seafood.
Use as a sauce

Allergen Notice:
This product contains soybeans, wheats and cereals containing gluten.


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