Mrs. So's Clam Sauce 190g

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Mrs. So's Clam Sauce 190g

Mrs. So's Clam Sauce 190g

Clams is a very popular ingredients in Chiu Chow cuisine. There are different brands of clam sauce in shop but they are quite different from Mrs. So’s clam sauce. Pickled cabbage, shallots and fish sauce are blended with dried clams to create this unique sauce. It can be used for frying or just with a plain bowl of congee.

Pickled Salt Vegetable, Rapeseed Oil, Shallot, Garlic, Clam Meat, Chili, Fish Sauce, Sugar, White Pepper Powder and Sesame Oil

Storage and shelflife
24 months after opening in room temperature
Refrigerated after opening

Stir frying with meat or vegetables
As accompaniment with congee or noodles

Allergen Notice
This product contains crustacean and crustacean product, fish product and soybean.


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