Mrs. So’s Chinese Mahogany Sauce 190g

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Mrs. So’s Chinese Mahogany Sauce 190g

Mrs. So’s Chinese Mahogany Sauce 190g
According to the famous book of “Hwang Ti Nei Jing” (The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor)   Chinese Mahogany is very nourishing and possessed many medicinal benefits.  Mrs. So’s Chinese Mahogany Sauce made use of this healthy ingredient, couple with dried Longan fruit and cashew nuts to turn them into a delightful sauce with multiple tastes and textures.

Rapeseed Oil, Shallot, Garlic, Pickled Dried Radish, Chinese Mahogany, Chili, Cashew nuts, Daylily Flower, Light Soy Sauce, Burdock Floss, Dried Longan, Sugar, Citronella and Salt

Shelf Life
24 months before opening in room temperature
Refrigerated after opening

Steaming, stir frying with meat, seafood or vegetables. Can serve with cold dishes

Allergen Notice
This product contains tree nuts and their products, soybean, wheat and cereals containing gluten.

**Outter box version must be made a specially remark on the purchase order**


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