Vegetarian Sauce (190g) (without onion garlic)

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Vegetarian Sauce (190g) (without onion garlic)

Mrs. So’s Vegetarian Sauce 190g

This is a sauce prepared specially with the devout Buddhist in mind. No garlic or shallots are put in the sauce. Instead variety of vegetarian ingredients such as dried radish, preserved vegetables, shiitake mushroom and preserved cabbage are added to enrich the taste.

Vegetable Oil, Dried Radish, Sweet Plum Dish, Peanut, Mushroom, Preserved Cabbage, Pickled Mustard Tuber, Chili, Soy Sauce, and Sugar

Shelf Life
Can be store in room temperature for 15 months before opening

Same as XO Sauce, but vegetarian version

**Allergen Notice
This product contains soybeans, wheat, peanut and cereals containing gluten

**Outter box version must be made a specially remark on the purchase order**


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