New Mrs. Sio's Gan Fish & Pickle Sauce 190g

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Mrs. Sio's Gan Fish & Pickle Sauce 190g

Jiangxi Province in China is also known as Gan Province, which is blessed with abundant seafood. There is a special local dish which was rumored to be one of Chairman Mao’s favorite food. The dish consists of one very important ingredient – TOPMOUTH CULTER FISH which is loved by many local food connoisseurs for its taste and texture. “Mrs. So” specially selected this unusual fish from Gan, blended with quality dried shrimps, pickled radish, black beans and other ingredients to make it into a very unusual and unique sauce. It can be enjoyed on its own or together with congee or noddle.

Shelf life: Can be store in room temperature for 24 months before opening

Allergy Notice
This product contains crustacean and crustacean product, fish product, peanut, soybean, wheat and cereals containing gluten.

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