Mrs. So's Flaming Chili Sauce (190g)

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Mrs. So's Flaming Chili Sauce (190g)

Mrs. So's Flaming Chili Sauce (190g)

To satisfy the demand of the ultimate chili lovers, this product offered a good solution. Chili with a reading of >90000 *SHU is used as the main ingredient (*Scoville Heat Unit, a scale started by an American chemist to measure spicy level).  Premium fish sauce was added to enhance the taste. Once tasted, one will never forget the special aroma that linger in one’s palate.  

Rapeseed Oil, Chili, Garlic, Fish Sauce, Sugar, Salt and Sesame Oil.

Shelf Life
Can be store in room temperature for 24 months before opening

Stir fry, to be a salad dressing and dipping sauce

Allergy Notice
This product contains soybean and their product and fish product.


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