Deep-fry Prawn with Mrs. So's XO sauce

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Prawn 450g
Potato 150g
Onion 20g
Parsley 2 stalks
Spring Onion 2 stalks
White Bread 4 slices
Mrs. So's XO Sauce 1 tbsp

Seasoning for Prawn

Sesame oil 1tsp
Pepper a pinch
Salt a pinch
Potato flour 2tsp

Seasoning for mashed potato

Wheat flour 40g


1. Peel about 8 pieces of the prawns but leave the tail part of the shell. Slit along the centre, remove the black vein. Clean, dry and put aside.Shell and devein the rest of the prawn, clean and use the back of the cleaver to mince the prawn meat into paste. Put in the prawn seasoning.


2. Peel potato, steam over water for about 15 minutes and mash thoroughly. Put in seasoning for mashed potato.


3. Clean onion, parsley and spring onion and cut into dices.


4. Remove crust from bread and chop into small pieces.


5. Fry onion in a bit of oil and put prawn paste, mashed potato and onion in a container. Add Mrs. So’s XO sauce, diced parsley and spring onion. Stir vigorously in the same direction until well-mixed. Press the prawn paste mixture on the surface of a piece of prawn and coat it with bread pieces.

6. Heat wok, put in oil and fry prawn in warm oil for about 5 minutes until golden. Ready to serve.