Fry Crab Meat Vermicelli with Snow Cabbage Sauce

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Crab Meat(Can)




Bean Sprouts


Egg 2 pcs
Spring Onion 2 stalks
Coriander 2 stalks
Red Pepper 1 pc


Mrs. So’s Snow Cabbage Vegetarian Sauce 2 tbsp
Light Soy Sauce 1 tsp


  1. Remove the crab meat from the can first.
  2. Slice the red pepper and remove seeds, wash and dice the coriander and spring onion then reserve.
  3. Mix egg white and yard, then pan fry to flatten shape and cut into slice when cold and reserve.
  4. Hot wok then stir fry the bean sprouts first and drain the water then reserve.
  5. Soak the Vermicelli then drain the water then reserve.
  6. Drain the oil from Mrs. So’s Snow cabbage vegetarian sauce first.
  7. Hot Wok, add Mrs. So’s Snow cabbage vegetarian sauce and vermicelli to stir fry, then add crab meat and light soy sauce to mix well, put back the other prepared ingredients on wok then fry for a while until mix well, dish up.