Mrs. So’s Black Pepper Crab

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Mud crab

2 pcs (1kg)

Red & green long chili (Slice)

1 each

Thai peppercorn

3 pcs

Bell pepper(cut) 300g
Onion(Cut) 1 pc


Mrs. So's Black Pepper Saue 1 tbsp
Chinese yellow wine 3 tbsp


1)    Soak crabs in ice water to lower their activity.
2)    Clean and cut the crab into smaller pieces
3)    Crash the claw lightly, Slice the long chili, cut the bell peppers and onion then reserve.
4)    Heat the wok under medium high heat then add oil and onion stir fry lightly.
5)    Add the crab then stir fry 3 minutes.
6)    Add Chinese yellow wine, long chili, thai pepper, bell pepper in wok, then add Mrs. So’s Black Pepper Sauce to stir well.
7)    Cover and cook under low heat for 8 minutes.
8)    Stir well then place on the plate.