Prawn & Vermicelli in XO Sauce

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Tiger prawns

8 pcs



Shallot   (slice)


Coriander 5 stalks
Long red chili(Slice) 1pc
Water 2 tbsp


Mrs. So's XO Sauce 1.5 tbsp
Chinese yellow wine 1 tbsp
Oyster Sauce 1 tbsp
Fish Sauce 1 tbsp


1)    Soak the vermicelli in hot water until soft then cut lightly and reserve.
2)    Cut the coriander and keep the root to reserve, slice the long chili and shallot then reserve.
3)    Remove sharp parts and legs of the prawn head, then cut along the back and remove the intestine in black color.
4)    Heat the pan under medium heat and add some oil, then put in coriander roots, shallot and long chili to stir fry
5)    Add prawns and pan fry to 2 minutes, then add Chinese yellow wine.
6)    Put in vermicelli, Mrs. So’s XO Sauce, oyster sauce and fish sauce mix well, and add water then cover and cook under low heat for 5 minutes.
7)    Mix well then add coriander leaves on top, dish up.