Mrs. So's Bean Paste Sauce with Orange Peel 190g New
Bean-paste sauce is a very popular sauce all over China. Different Chinese provinces and villages ha..
Mrs. Sio's Gan Fish & Pickle Sauce 190g New
Jiangxi Province in China is also known as Gan Province, which is blessed with abundant seafood. The..
2019 New Sauce Promotion New
Sauce Detail :Mrs. So's Gan Fish & Pickle SauceMrs. So's Bean Paste sauce with Orange Peel ..
香港原味道優惠 New
「真 - 香港味道」190g XO醬 + 190g 仁稔子薑醬  $188「一頓飯,不只用來裹腹,       &nbs..
Pickled Young Ginger (350g) New
Description: Ginger concocted by experts. "Mrs. So's Pickled Ginger" is absolutely the best dish in ..
Mrs. So’s Child-Birth Ginger Vinegar (With Pig Knuckle) 1338g New
Mrs. So’s Child-Birth Ginger Vinegar (With Pig Knuckle) 1338gThis is a traditional food in Chinese f..
Mrs. So's XO Sauce 300g New
Mrs. So's XO Sauce Mrs. So was an entrepreneur in many fields. Her home- made XO Sauce was, for many..
Mrs. So's Delux Gift Box (8 x190g) New
Mrs. So's Delux Gift Box (8 x190g)which is a deluxe gift box which is a prefect gift for everyfood l..